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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Short but not sweet

Last year when sending someone an email with my contact details I reminded myself to use 'mobile number' not the usual 'cell number.' Yes I know that 'cell' is short for 'cellular' however I've decided to stick with 'mobile' so I don't speak things I never want into my life.

I wonder how much thought we put to the words we use - short form or long form. Many verses in the Bible especially in the book of Proverbs advise us on the use of our words. 
I believe that the advice covers shortened words - well, I extend the advice for myself. 
I particularly like this set:

Prov  18:20-21 - People will be rewarded for what they say [From the fruit of the mouth of a person is their stomach satisfied]; they will be rewarded by how they speak [the yield/gain of their lips satisfies]. What you say can mean [In the power of the tongue are] life or death. Those who speak with care [love it] will be rewarded [eat its fruit]. (Expanded Bible)

Whether you go with shortened or elongated words, like Joel Osteen says: 
"You can change your world by changing your words...
Remember, death and life are in the power of the tongue."

So consciously and continuously speak words of the world you want for yourself.

Welcome to my Year of Overflow...what is it for you?

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