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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It's all about "R"

A few months ago, I was typing "Hello dear friend" - at least that was what was in my mind but my fingers were working too fast and I typed "Hello dear fiend." Good thing I caught it before sending it out - what a classic example of where and how spell check can fail you. As that happened, it struck me that "R" makes quite a difference in that word and in the world.

Yes indeed "R" makes a world of difference because it's all about "Relationship." Now I need to be careful with the next sentence and the rest of the post however, I'm sure you'd agree that it's "relationship" that converts a fiend to friend and the lack thereof that does the reverse...

Those who know me know that I like people - a lot! Yes, I'm both a people-person and a friendly-friend. It almost sounds like a threat but the truth is once you become my're my friend for life.
Facebook friends are in a different category - actually layers of levels because it really takes more than a click to become a really true friend.

Taking a cue from the phrase "Add friend" should remind us that friends should "add" to us not "subtract" from us...we should add to them too.
The richness of a friendship/relationship is in its unreserved reciprocity. 

It's not about "I'll give if you give" or all that - it's a deep mutual understanding and willingness to give and be there for your friend without expecting anything in return but knowing that you can always count on them - marriage is deeper though. In some of my friendship experiences, distance has challenged us but we've come to know better. It's always as if the last time we saw each other was yesterday when we see each other months or years later.

As friendly as I believe I am, over the years, I've learned a bit about friendship and hold both tightly and lightly to friendships.
Tightly because good (& real) friends are hard to find; lightly because we grow, change and go in different directions. Just like I "unfriend" people on Facebook when I notice a misalignment between our values, I continually assess myself and my friends to be sure we still on the straight and narrow path - adding to each other otherwise we might as well subtract ourselves from each other.

In my heart, I believe people can be (best) friends forever but don't have to be and I also believe that friendships can be passed down through generations but must not be.
Despite what has been said about friendship, guard the "R" with your friends because if the friends I have are anything to go by, they are outstanding blessings & hugs from God.

To all my friends near and far - you know yourselves - thank you for the gift of your friendship. I cherish you...  

I'm not requesting "Be my friend" applications, but may not mind becoming your true friend :)
(only if it's God's will for me).

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