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Monday, December 24, 2012

The Gift of Goodbye

In this gift-giving season, I feel led to give you that you can also give to yourself.
Joel Osteen mentioned "The gift of goodbye" in one of his messages and it got me thinking...

I know some people say they don't like to say "goodbye" - some would rather say "see you later." Everyone has their choice - so I won't debate that...I'll just focus on my thoughts on this. In life, there are times when we have to say "goodbye" - I mean who would want to say "see you later" to a life of unrighteousness? I wouldn't? We can go on and on, for me it's straightforward - saying "goodbye" is a fact of life.

Beyonce Knowles said: “Thank God I found the GOOD in goodbye.” I definitely do not agree with her on many other things but I sure agree with her here. If you take the time to look and think about some "goodbyes," you'll see the "good" in them and thank God for that "gift of goodbye." For instance, there are some friendships and relationships in life (excluding marriage) that you have to walk away from in order to soar to your destiny.
There are different dimensions of this topic and I've talked about some of them in various posts - 3 come to mind: "Courage to Leave,"* "Where do you stand?"**and  more recently, Closed door.*** For "goodbye" to truly be a gift - timing is key because there is a time for everything (see Ecclesiastes 3:5). To know the right time for a "goodbye," stay connected to God Who knows the plans He has for you - let's look at a real example.

In Genesis 12: 1, "The Lord said to Abram: Leave your country, your family, and your relatives and go to the land that I will show you."** Note that "By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out to a place that he was going to receive as an inheritance. He went out without knowing where he was going." (Hebrews 11: 8 - Common English Bible)

Again in Gen 13: 8-9, 14-17 "Abram said to Lot, “We are close relatives. We shouldn’t argue, and our men shouldn’t be fighting one another. There is plenty of land for you to choose from. Let’s separate. If you go north, I’ll go south; if you go south, I’ll go north.”
After Abram and Lot had gone their separate ways, the Lord said to Abram: Look around to the north, south, east, and west. I will give you and your family all the land you can see. It will be theirs forever! I will give you more descendants than there are specks of dust on the earth, and someday it will be easier to count the specks of dust than to count your descendants. Now walk back and forth across the land, because I am giving it to you."**

Each time Abraham said "goodbye," he took a step closer to God's promises and plan for him.
Likewise we should know (& obey) when it is time to give ourselves the gift of goodbye and when we should warmly welcome to the people and things God brings into our lives - even if it is for a season or reason or a lifetime.*** May God bless you for a lifetime. Amen!

This Christmas, prayerfully ask God which gifts of goodbye or warm welcomes you should give yourself.

While on the topic of Christmas gifts, wishing you a wonderful Christmas. Don't forget the reason for the season and may He be with you for your lifetime.

***Contemporary English Version


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