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Friday, February 7, 2014

Pray without ceasing?

Really? But how?

When I was a more childish child of God, those were my questions whenever I read or heard 1 Thessalonians 5:17:
Pray continually [without ceasing], (Expanded Bible)

Now as a slightly more mature child of God, I think I understand better. God is essentially calling us to a "Look - and - learn" life. At the risk of playing with words, in asking us to "pray without ceasing," God expects us to be actively seeking and seizing any and every opportunity to pray. Yes, pray every morning, night and in-between - that's the way to live daily.

Sometimes, just looking at people or watching TV, I'm led to pray for my husband, children and others. For instance, if I see a young person smoking, I decree that my children will never smoke and be strengthened in their inner man to withstand peer pressure which is how/why some people start smoking. Life needs to be handled - with prayer.

When you really think about it, with all that gets thrown at us we might as well stay constantly connected to the Person Who is in control of the world. I particularly like this picture. It actually reminds me of this saying: “7 days without prayer makes one weak!” With how complex the world has become, we can easily change that saying to: Living without prayers on a daily basis, will make you frail - we need to (& should) pray everyday - without ceasing because: "If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small"* and no one can plan for their day of adversity - or can you?  Well, I can't and since I can't, I've decided to stick with "Praying without ceasing..."

*Prov 24:10 - Amplified

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